08/2008- 08/2011 Photography Teacher, Chandler-Gilbert Community  College

  • Photography 101
  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Photography 102

Professional Eater and taster : Est.  1984

I have always had a passion for capturing moments on film. With more than 10 years of experience, I have the skill and trained eye to make your project come to life. I enjoy taking pictures of tasty food and delicious drinks. As an adventurous eater, I love all foods. Even though going out is fun, I also am a very great cook. You will see photos of my home cooked meals, Food I have eaten, Places I have traveled and drinks I have enjoyed. My Blog that I have will also be random tid-bits, Social event announcements and recipes.

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LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my lens tell My story.

08/2000-05/2004 - School Yearbook Photographer, Gilbert High School/ Desert Hills

  • Arts and Entertainment Photographer

  • Personal Story Photographer

Food Photographer

If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.